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New Zealand Powerball

NZD$8 000 000.00
Winning Numbers
10 21 23 24 27 36 16 3


$57 000 000.00
Winning Numbers
7 36 58 60 62 10


€19 000 000.00
Winning Numbers
15 20 24 44 49 7 9


€37 000 000.00
Winning Numbers
4 17 26 30 43 6 11

Austria Lotto

€3 800 000.00
Winning Numbers
8 11 12 17 23 24 20

Oz Powerball

Au$20 000 000.00
Winning Numbers
3 14 20 27 29 30 31 7


$625 000 000.00
Winning Numbers
10 14 50 53 63 21

Canada Lotto 649

CAD$5 000 000.00
Winning Numbers
2 8 17 21 22 26 5

Brazil Mega Sena

R$3 000 000.00
Winning Numbers
9 23 28 40 48 59

Play the Top Lotteries At Playlottoworld

  • Powerball
    USD 625 000 000.00

    Days : Hours : Mins : Sec

  • Italian National
    USD 139 408 364.50

    Days : Hours : Mins : Sec

  • MegaMillions
    USD 57 000 000.00

    Days : Hours : Mins : Sec

  • Oz Lotto
    USD 49 634 829.47

    Days : Hours : Mins : Sec

  • Euromillions
    USD 41 935 849.48

    Days : Hours : Mins : Sec

  • Eurojackpot
    USD 21 534 625.41

    Days : Hours : Mins : Sec

  • Oz Powerball
    USD 14 181 379.85

    Days : Hours : Mins : Sec

  • El Gordo
    USD 6 573 727.76

    Days : Hours : Mins : Sec

  • New Zealand Powerball
    USD 5 483 200.16

    Days : Hours : Mins : Sec

  • Austria Lotto
    USD 4 306 925.08

    Days : Hours : Mins : Sec

  • Canada Lotto 649
    USD 3 747 423.65

    Days : Hours : Mins : Sec

  • French Loto
    USD 3 400 204.01

    Days : Hours : Mins : Sec

  • UK National
    USD 2 661 698.16

    Days : Hours : Mins : Sec

  • Brazil Mega Sena
    USD 786 617.02

    Days : Hours : Mins : Sec

  • Switzerland Lotto
    Coming Soon
    Draw Closed
  • Germany Lotto
    Coming Soon
    Draw Closed
  • Californian
    Coming Soon
    Draw Closed

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